Fancy Art

Sometimes Miss Hepburn needs a break from her main projects to create some Fancy Art. This helps her stimulate the creativity from the Fancy Lady within. Take a peek at some of Marilyn’s latest side projects!

1.  Fancy Art Paintings (below)

2. Fancy Art Crafts


Below are some of Marilyn Hepburn’s Favorite Fancy Art Paintings!

Fancy Art by Marilyn Hepburn

The Face of God



I painted the picture on the left in 2006 to capture my vision of “The Face of God.” All hair textures. All skin tones. All ethnic groups. All genders. All ages. ALL. God is everything simultaneously. Even to this day, this image has a powerful effect on my creativity and writing. The following is a poem inspired by this image:


Before there were even thoughts of me
God hid a secret inside my heart
A secret I would one day share with the world
To give humanity a brand new start.

A secret I didn’t even know was there
Till I got older and I understood
Our experiences in life, whether good or bad,
Are signs from the all encompassing Good.

(Read the rest of this poem here)

Fancy Art by Marilyn Hepburn

Kavira Muraula




This painting is of an African woman named Kavira (painted in 2006). I chose her as a subject after reading about her in a magazine. The story of her life is one of incredible bravery, determination and survival. I cried as I learned about her suffering and triumphs. Kavira’s face has become my inspiration. Whenever I’m feeling defeated, I stare at her image for awhile. Knowing that a woman like her exists gives me strength. The following is a poem inspired by her story:


I’ve never even met her
From an article I saw her name
But just one look in those deep brown eyes
Makes me love her all the same.

Her name is Kavira Muraula
At least that’s what the article claimed it was
She’s got to be the bravest on Earth
For living as she does

(Read the rest of this poem here)