Dear Love Writing Challenge 

A Letter Inspired by the Movie: Collateral Beauty This letter was originally posted on Wattpad. Dear Love, I know you’re going to laugh at me because I’m such a fucking nerd. I mean, who else tries to pull logic from science to determine the levels of importance between Love, Death and Time? Me—of course. And […]

NURSE McSEXY Wins Wattys Award! 

Local Seattle Writer Wins the World’s Largest Online Writing Competition with a Story Titled: Nurse McSexy Read NURSE McSEXY for free on Wattpad. It’s easy to sign up. All you need is an email or Facebook account. Seattle, WA – November 4, 2016 – Local Seattle resident Marilyn Hepburn, 42, is a winner of The […]


NACHOS – A Novelette NACHOS was originally written for a contest hosted by Target Stores (#OnceUponNOW) in which fairy tales were retold in modern times. To read this quirky romance, check out NACHOS on Wattpad. Description: “For one second, I changed the world–and in exchange for that one second of kindness, the world has changed […]

Square One & Rock Bottom – 08.21.2015 

Despite many grand efforts, I have difficulty getting beyond square one. And although I can clearly see beautiful castles in the sky, I tend to dwell somewhere close to rock bottom. I’m not overly picky or lacking in common sense, so how is it I took so many wrong turns in life, dwelling at rock bottom? Or […]

When True Character is Tested 

There have been several moments when I wonder if spending my life indoors writing, all alone, will be worth it in the end. Will the story Nine Lives of Nicole Candy matter to anyone? And even if it’s something that matters to me, is it a waste if it means nothing to the world? Isn’t that why […]