Dear Love 

A Letter Inspired by the Movie: Collateral Beauty This letter was originally posted on Wattpad. Dear Love, I know you’re going to laugh at me because I’m such a fucking nerd. I mean, who else tries to pull logic from science to determine the levels of importance between Love, Death and Time? Me—of course. And […]

NURSE McSEXY Wins Wattys Award! 

Local Seattle Writer Wins the World’s Largest Online Writing Competition – Wattys Award Seattle, WA – November 4, 2016 – Local Seattle resident Marilyn Hepburn, 42, is a winner of The Wattys, the world’s largest online writing competition hosted by Wattpad. Wattpad, the global multiplatform entertainment company for original stories, transforms how the world discovers, […]


NACHOS – A Novelette NACHOS was originally written for a contest hosted by Target Stores (#OnceUponNOW) in which fairy tales were retold in modern times. To read this quirky romance, check out NACHOS on Wattpad. Description: “For one second, I changed the world–and in exchange for that one second of kindness, the world has changed […]

New Year, Nachos & Banana Fondling 

Her New Years Eve was supposed to be a depressing evening alone with a bowl of salsa and a plate of microwaved nachos. But plans changed when she encountered a man fondling a banana, a quirky clerk, a homeless family, a fan of SeaCocks and a woman targeted to be taken down with fartrogen dioxide. […]