Marilyn Hepburn’s Wattpad

Watt? Wattpad? Watt’s that?

Wattpad is another form of social media allowing writers to share their stories with the world (literally) and gives readers a chance to view books for free while simultaneously helping fine tune the future’s best sellers. It’s this creative balance that builds a brilliant partnership between writers and readers. If you love to read or if you love to write… then you’ll probably love this online social network.

Despite some disastrous first attempts, Marilyn is slowly beginning to find her writing niche as she pushes through the vulnerabilities of sharing unpolished works with the world. In 2016, she even won an award in the world’s largest writing competition.

It’s free to be a member of Wattpad. Joining is easy. Once you have an account, DO check out Marilyn Hepburn’s profile and give her stories a read.

Marilyn Hepburn's Wattpad Profile

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